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Community Engagement

The Importance of Community Engagement

Calvert City is full of great people and we believe being active is important. Whether it be volunteering, enjoying our trail system, or playing a game of baseball in Doctors Park, we commit because it’s our community.

Ways to get engaged:

Join a Civic Organization

Calvert City Lions Club

Lions Club International is the world’s largest service club organization with a network of 1.4 million men and women in more than 210 countries. Though well known for its successful initiative in vision health, Lions service is as diverse as its members.

Calvert City Lions Club makes a difference by meeting the needs of our community and improving where we live. If you are interested in becoming a Lion, e-mail

Calvert Area Development Association

Calvert Area Development Association (CADA) is a group of volunteers who strive to plan, organize and develop educational events, and activities that benefit the community while also preserving history. CADA is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization sponsored by the volunteer work and donations of supporters.

CADA organizes most of the events in Calvert City. These core events enhance the economic, aesthetic, and social life of our city. If you’re interested in joining, email

Social Media

Social Media is the quickest way to learn the latest news and share your thoughts on community issues. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to check out the community-wide hashtags #mycalvertcity and #calvertview. 


Beginning in 2020, the City will launch its first issue of Your City News. This newsletter will be packed with information about upcoming events, city news, municipal programs and important seasonal reminders.

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Parks & Recreation

Get outside and get active at one of our many recreational facilities.


Reserve one of our rental facilities for your next event.


Celebrate your next birthday or family reunion in one of our park pavilions.


We love golf carts in Calvert City and we also love safety. Read more to find out how we keep our city safe.


 Growth is our number one priority. Let us know before you dig.


Volunteering is what makes a community a strong community. Find out how you can get involved!


Celebrating trailblazers who are leading the way and selflessly adding to the richness of our city.

Parks and Recreation

Memorial Park

 Memorial park is a serene park lined with architectural benches to relax and enjoy the surroundings.  

Our most recent addition to Memorial Park is the spray fountain.  Over 1800 sq ft, this fountain provides a place to cool off on a hot summer day. The spray fountain cannot be rented or reserved for private use — it is for all to enjoy.  The fountain remains open spring, summer and fall from dawn until dusk. It is closed to the public during winter months.

In addition, Memorial Park offers a .5 mile lighted loop trail that connects with the Calvert City Greenway Trail.

Old Park

Old Park is Calvert’s first park and is located on 5th Avenue across the street from the Calvert City Golf and Country Club. The park is a lovely place for children to play and release extra energy, while parents watch and relax on the sun-filtered grounds.

Old Park is home to one of our 9–hole Disc Golf Course.  It is considered to be a technical course, working its way through wooded park.  Calvert City’s first baseball/softball field is here and is still utilized for practice or non-league activities.  Old Park is a great location for families and company picnics.

Doctors Park Sports Complex

Doctors Park Sports Complex is located north of East 5th Avenue behind the Calvert City Civic Center and Calvert City Hall.  This park was formerly known as North Park.  Its name changed recently to honor the Doctors that moved here in the early days of Calvert’s incorporation and aided in its growth.  These Doctor’s include Dr. Richard Cocke, Dr. William “Bill” Colburn and Dr. Carroll Traylor.

The facilities include two (2) T-ball fields, three (3) lighted baseball/softball combination fields, one (1) lighted baseball field with grass infield, multiple soccer fields ranging in size from U-6 to U-12, free batting cage, 9-hole Disc Golf Course and two (2) lighted basketball courts.  There is playground equipment for kids and several picnic pavilions scattered throughout the complex. 

Doctors Park has a paved and lighted one-mile loop trail which connects to the Calvert City Greenway Trail.

Calvert City Pickleball Courts

The Calvert City Pickleball Courts are located within Doctors Park Sports Complex. This new fenced-in, outdoor, four-court pickleball area is adjacent to the Chris Bynum Skate Park. Locals play most every night and if you wish to play a pick-up game, reach out to the Calvert Pickleball Facebook page by clicking here. 

Calvert City Tennis Courts

Calvert City’s Tennis Courts are located across the street from Old Park at the entrance to the Calvert City Golf and Country Club. The two-court facility was reconstructed and elevated with assistance from a Land and Water Conservation Fund grant. 

Chris Bynum Skate Park

The Chris Bynum Skate Park is a concrete lighted park with multiple ramps for novice to proficient skaters and is located next to Doctors Park. Right off the Calvert City Greenway Trail and Doctors Park Loop Trail, this provides an excellent side activity while using the trail system.

Calvert City has a zero-tolerance for graffiti and will close the park until all graffiti is removed.

The skate park was named in memory of Calvert City resident, Chris Bynum, who believed in the importance of providing outlets for kids who prefer individual sports to team sport activities.

Disc Golf Courses

Spend the afternoon playing both of our DGC’s! Doctors Park DGC is a 9-hole flat and open terrain course with holes ranging from 300 ft to over 400 ft in length.

Old Park DGC is a 9-hole technical wooded terrain with holes ranging from 300 ft to over 400ft in length. Watch our events calendar for upcoming DGC tournaments held throughout the year.

Calvert City Greenway Trail

fThe Calvert City Greenway Trail is a working phase project since 2016. It started as a way to connect our three city parks with a multi-use trail to provide a safe way for pedestrians to be active. Now, we are on the second phase, which is connecting the heart of Calvert City with Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park with a completion date of November 2020.

Calvert City is working closely with Grand Rivers, Kentucky for phase three to eventually connect Calvert City to Grand Rivers and of course, Land Between the Lakes.

In early 2019, Calvert City began the year-long process of becoming a Kentucky Trail Town. Experienced trail users and citizens alike had a brainstorming event to kick-off the initiative. This is an exciting time for Calvert City. If you wish to be a part of the planning for this project, please e-mail

Moneymaker Single Track Trail

This single-track trail can be utilized for hiking, running, and mountain bike use. It is located off the multi-use trail in Doctor’s Park and is 5.08 miles. This beginner-level trail is a perfect escape into nature and is within 25 acres right in the heart of the city.  The trailhead is located by parking at the back of Calvert City Hall and taking the multi-use trail to the left until you see the Moneymaker Trail sign. 


Kentucky Dam Village Airport

Flying into Calvert City? For an aviator’s delight, Calvert City offers a 4,000 ft. paved, lighted airstrip strategically located close to Kentucky Lake, Kentucky Dam Village State Park and the Calvert City Greenway Trail. Aircraft parking is available (ramp or tie down) and a pilot’s lounge with showers, and restrooms. Camping is also available at Kentucky Dam Village State Park or at Kentucky Lake KOA.

Kentucky Dam Village Resort offers courtesy transportation to and from the resort and campground. For more information about KDV Airport, call (270) 395-7138 or e-mail Click here for FAA information.


Calvert City Cemetery

The City Cemetery is on 11.5 acres and offers traditional lots as well as a mausoleum.  Those interested in purchasing internment lots should contact the City Sexton at (270) 395-7138 or (270) 205-5254. 

Facility Rentals

Calvert City Civic Center

The Civic Center is a 3500 square ft building with in-house sound and a capacity of 365 people. To reserve or view the Civic Center please call (270) 395-7138 or e-mail to schedule a visit. Download rental agreement.

Memorial Park Amphitheater

Memorial Park Amphitheater has restroom facilities and electric service to the stage. The stage itself is covered to protect performers from the elements, elevated and approximately 1400 square feet. It is fronted by 4100 square foot decorative concrete skirting.

The Amphitheater is available for rent if used for performance, lectures, weddings, or music. To reserve or view the Calvert City Amphitheatre please call (270) 395-7138 or e-mail to schedule a visit. Download rental agreement.

Park Pavilion Rentals

Throughout our parks we have four pavilions available for reservation. There is no charge for reserving a pavilion, but we ask that you please leave the pavilion as you found it. To reserve a pavilion call City Hall at 270-395-7138. Download reservation agreement. 

Pavilion 1 - Behind the Civic Center


Pavilion 2 - Doctor's Park

Pavilion 3 - Old Park (Front)

Pavilion 4 - Old Park (Back)

Golf Cart Friendly City

Golf Cart Friendly City…yeah, you heard that right. You can ride a golf cart anywhere within the city limits. Of course, with being golf cart friendly, rules are in place for the protection of our citizens. View the Golf Cart Ordinance.

All-Terrain Vehicle Operation Rules:

  • Must be operated by persons possessing a valid operator’s license within the City limits on any city street where the applicable speed limit is 25 m.p.h. or less.
  • A person may operate an all-terrain vehicle on any two (2) lane public highway in order to cross the highway. In crossing the highway under this subsection, the operator shall cross the highway at as close to a ninety-degree (90˚) angle as is practical and safe and shall not travel on the shoulder of the highway for more than two-tenths (.2) of a mile.
  • A person operating an all-terrain vehicle on a city street under this subsection shall comply with all applicable traffic regulations.
  • A person shall not operate an all-terrain vehicle under this subsection unless the all-terrain vehicle has at least one (1) headlight and two (2) taillights, which shall always be illuminated while the vehicle is in operation.
  • A person operating an all-terrain vehicle under this subsection shall restrict the operation to daylight hours, except when engaged in snow removal or emergency road maintenance.
  • A person shall not operate any all-terrain vehicle upon or within any sidewalk, walking trail or other pedestrian walkway.


Construction & Permits

We love new construction in Calvert City. It’s exciting to see homes being built and expansions and renovations on older homes. If you’re planning to construct, alter, or change the use of a structure or land, a zoning compliance is required. Individuals wishing to excavate or work in the city right of way must obtain an excavate permit.

The Calvert City Property Tax is .243. Please contact City Hall at (270) 395-7138 to determine if your project requires a permit. Find that permit here.

Marshall County Building Permits are also required county-wide including the city limits of Calvert City.  Before you dig, remember to dial 811.


Are you interested in getting involved in the city? Email us at to be included in the mailing list for volunteer opportunities.

Calvert City Citizens Award

Calvert City recently launched a program to recognize exemplary citizens. This award will celebrate trailblazers who are leading the way and are selflessly adding to the richness of our city. Citizens who through their service and dedication, enhance the quality of life of our residents. We aspire for this initiative to be a catalyst for motivation for citizens to become engaged.


– Individuals who give back to their community through charitable or civic contributions.

– Contributions that assist in creating a community that residents are proud to call home.

We invite you to submit an online nomination form. The award recipient will be announced at the City Council meeting. While we know there are many citizens giving back to the community every day, one recipient will be recognized Quarterly.

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