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Calvert City, KY (July 8, 2021) – Calvert City celebrated the kick-off to the four-day celebration at the Sesquicentennial Ball on July 1 at Kentucky Dam Village

“From a railroad depot to a nationally recognized city for industry, Calvert City has come a long way since 1871 and it’s time to celebrate,” said Blair Travis, Calvert City’s director of marketing, communications, and business development.

To celebrate Calvert City’s sesquicentennial is to rightfully honor the changemakers who shaped our city’s future and to admire our resident’s and business owner’s grit and determination of continued progress.



The Lee Cox Service Award goes to individuals who commit their time day in and day out to make this city run smoothly. These individuals put in countless hours and their service deserves recognition. They keep Calvert City safe. They keep the water running, our streets clean, our budget balanced and our parks pristine.




Former Calvert City Mayor – William Colburn

Former Calvert City Mayor – Linda McKinney in honor of Kean McKinney

Nancy Jones in honor of Former Mayor Lynn Jones

Kay Nash in honor of Richard Nash, Calvert City Administrator

Former City Clerk – Ralph Howard

Calvert City Clerk – Glenda Adair

City Administrator – John Ward

Public Works Department – Brad Darnall

Former Calvert City Fire Chief – Fred Ross

Calvert City’s Current Fire Chief – Timmy Davis

Calvert City Police Chief – David Elliott

City Attorney – Greg Northcutt

Those unable to attend –

Former Calvert City Mayor – Hans Konrad Family

Utility Manager – Sylus Traylor

Former Calvert City Mayor  – Vernon Duckett Family




Lynn Jones loved Calvert City. He loved his community. He worked hard to make our lives better and his love for Calvert City was known by anyone who had the chance to meet him. The Lynn Jones Community Support Award goes to individuals and organizations who are volunteer-minded and have a strong commitment to making Calvert City a better place to live.




Leanne Johnson

Dennis Smith

Donnie Travis

Monti Collins

Chris Freeland

Tammy Smith

Calvert City Church of Christ

Calvert City First Baptist Church

Pathway Baptist Church

First Presbyterian Church

St. Pius Catholic Church

Four Rivers Church

Calvert City Methodist Church

Jesus Name Tabernacle

Calvert City Lions Club

Calvert City Elementary School

Marshall County Public Library @ Calvert City



Potilla Calvert Outstanding Business

The Potilla Calvert Outstanding Business Award goes to businesses in Calvert City who truly make a difference in our community. They are community-minded, have a strong vision and entrepreneurial spirit, and consistently meet and exceed the needs of our residents.





The Jeter Group

Calvert City Lumber Company


United Electrical Contractors

BBH Auctions

Sportsman’s Bait and Tackle

Calvert Café


Lake Chem Credit Union

Don Miller and Associates

Custom Automotive

Draffen’s Industrial Supply

Studio 270

Calvert City Food Giant


The Lake News



Luther Draffen Citizen Award

The Luther Draffen Citizen Award is presented to Calvert City residents who have made significant contributions and have a significant positive impact on the community. These public servants demonstrate excellence in their delivery of services that impact the public’s lives. These individuals were nominated by the community.



Loyd Ford

Kim Robinson

Dwayne Stice

Wendy Elrod

Denae Shelton

David Elliott

Dr. Richard Cocke

John Brinkley

Robert Futrell

Gayle Hall

Doug Coakley – Hand award off stage – no stairs

David Chumbler

Paul & Lucy Owen

Bobbie Foust

Sue Draffen

Not present

John & Paula Harrington (not able to attend)

Wayne Peck