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The Calvert City Summer Slam was held Friday through Sunday with over 150 people registered. The women’s, men’s, and mixed doubles tournament was played at the Calvert City Pickleball Courts located in Doctor’s Park on June 23-25.


Pickleball is an indoor or outdoor racket/paddle sport in which two or four players hit a perforated hollow plastic ball over a 34-inch high net. The sport was created in 1965 and has seen popularity growth in more recent years throughout the country. The average pickleball player is between the age of 18 and 44 and this is one of the reasons the sport is so appealing.


The Calvert City Summer Slam – The Best Little Pickleball Tournament in Kentucky had participants from seven states, all of the Western Kentucky counties were represented as well as other counties in Kentucky. “The tournament was better than all expectations and hopes,” said Parvin Latta, event organizer.


In 2016, Darlene and Parvin Latta wouldn’t have dreamed of having a tournament when they started teaching Pickleball in Calvert City. “We didn’t even think about having a tournament back in 2016, and this weekend was better than we dreamed,” said Darlene, event organizer. “All of the local players who came out and volunteered, the court monitors, Calvert Area Development Association (CADA), the Parks Board, all are to thank for making this event a success,” she followed.


Over 40 local volunteers joined together to make this event happen. The planning committee consisted of Calvert City Pickleball Players and members of CADA. “A big THANK you to Chad Winstead for running his first tournament and making it look easy and to Joe Venice for being the M.C. and providing the sound for the long weekend,” said Darlene.


“Calvert City is proud to have residents who have the vision and drive to make things happen in their community. Seeing their dream come to fruition was a wonderful sight this weekend,” said Blair Travis, director of marketing and business development for the City of Calvert City.


Pickup games are scheduled on  Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Saturday’s from 8:30 a.m. -11:00 a.m., and Monday evenings at 6:00 p.m at the Calvert City Pickleball Courts located behind the Calvert City Civic Center in Doctor’s Park. 

Of course, these events couldn’t happen without our sponsors. CFSB Investments, Calvert City Food Giant for providing the snacks, Calvert Area Development Association, 50’s Cafe, State Farm – Hilary Washer, Custom Automotive, Calvert City Pickleball, BioKinetics Physical Therapy, Baptist Health, and Happy ZZZ’s!

For information on how YOU can get involved with Calvert City Pickleball, visit the Calvert City Pickleball Facebook page by clicking HERE!


Women’s Doubles 2.5
1st – Tracy Heflin (Paducah, KY), Beth Shelton (Boaz, KY)
2nd – Becky Oakley (Benton, KY), Leta Smith (Cobden, IL)
3rd – Maryann Morris (Madisonville, KY), Debbie Barger (Hanson, KY)

Women’s Doubles 3.0
1st – Becky Wilkie (Marion, IL), Jessie Calvert (Marion, IL)
2nd – Amy Hartz (Owensboro, KY), Stacy Nunley (Owensboro, KY)
3rd – Brigette Thompson (Benton, KY), Blaire Bushart (Murray, KY)

Women’s Doubles 3.5
1st – Shannon Tays (Princeton, KY), Alexandria Gold (Calvert City, KY)
2nd – Sara Darling (Paducah, KY), Lisa Tack (Benton, KY)
3rd – Sydney Shelton (Jackson, TN), Rachel Stewart (Murray, KY)

Women’s Doubles 4.0
1st – Holly Locken (Paducah, KY), Christine Operle (Boaz, KY)
2nd – Jenny Travis (Calvert City, KY), Leigh Toby (Murray, KY)
3rd – Kayla Yeh (Newburgh, IN), Kayla Travis (Calvert City, KY)

Men’s Doubles 2.5
1st – Shane Boudreaux (Paducah,KY), Trad York (Calvert City, KY)
2nd – George Long (Benton, KY), Russell Morris (Calvert City, KY)
3rd – Mark Tomlin (Paris, TN), Peyton Tomlin (Paris, TN)

Men’s Doubles 3.0
1st – Jeremy Hudgin (Benton, KY), Jacob Hudgin (Benton, KY)
2nd – Peter John (Benton, KY), Mike Omar (Gilbertsville, KY)
3rd – Eric Brown(Henderson, KY), Eddie Minton (Henderson, KY)

Men’s Doubles 3.5
1st – Kiefer Court (Benton, KY), Kian Court (Benton, KY)
2nd – Jim Hartz (Owensboro, KY), Marvin Nunley (Owensboro, KY)
3rd – Kevin Williams (Owensboro, KY), Billy Pyland (Owensboro, KY)

Men’s Doubles 4.0
1st – David Druetzler (Humboldt, TN), Brad Wilzbacher (Newburgh, IN)
2nd – Justin Yeh (Newburgh, IN), Tyler Denbo (Princeton, IN)
3rd – Raviteja Chinnambeti (Selmer, TN), Jon Anderson (Jackson, TN)

Mixed Doubles 2.5
1st – CheyAnne Ludovissie (Paducah, KY), Paul Ludovissie (Paducah, KY)
2nd – Jackie Long (Benton, KY), George Long (Benton, KY)
3rd – Annette Nimmo (Benton, KY), Ricky Nimmo (Benton, KY)

Mixed Doubles 3.0
1st – Jessie Calvert (Marion, IL), Zachery Calvert (Marion, IL)
2nd – Savanna Tays (Princeton,KY), Drake Butler (Calvert City, KY)
3rd – Lisa Cook (Golconda, IL), Brian Cook (Golconda, IL)

Mixed Doubles 3.5
1st – Sara Darling (Paducah, KY), Jason Williams (Paducah, KY)
2nd – Sharon Sabin (Paris, TN), Matt Goodman (Mc Kenzie, TN)
3rd – Shannon Tays (Princeton, KY), Mitchell Ponder (Murray, KY)

Mixed Doubles 4.0
1st – Ashleigh Reeves (Marion, IL), Derek Reeves (Marion, IL)
2nd – Myra Krenis (Jackson, TN), Raviteja Chinnambeti (Selmer, TN)
3rd – Holly Locken (Paducah, KY), Carl Marquess (The Villages, FL)