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Local entrepreneurs, Austin and Jessica Gordon have opened a full-service salon in Calvert City and will host an open house showcasing their space on September 16 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at JoAnn & Co, 3917 U.S. 62.


Jessica has worked in Calvert City for the past five years at a local salon and fell in love with the community. “We grew up in Benton around south Marshall (County) and now live in Almo. Working in Calvert City made me fall in love with the area and we plan to move closer to our business soon,” said Jessica Gordon, co-owner of JoAnn & Co. Many have asked where they came up with the name of their business. “We named the business after our kids, Jonah and Andi, and hope to show them that they can accomplish anything if they work hard for it,” said Jessica Gordon.


JoAnn & Co. is a full-service salon offering hair, nails, and esthetic services. Jessica’s goal in her first year of business is to grow roots in the community and help her employees expand their clientele. “We have three hair stylists, a nail technician, and an esthetician who all graduated this year. I want to see them grow their business and establish what I have created in my business,” said Gordon.


Jessica’s favorite part of her career is changing the way someone looks at themselves. “It might sound cheesy, but your hair can really change the way you see yourself, and I love giving people an extra boost of confidence.”


JoAnn & Co plans to be active in Calvert City and Marshall County getting involved with local organizations and giving back as much as possible.


On September 16, JoAnn & Co will host their open house. “We will have tons of giveaways, sweet treats, and more during the open house,” said Austin Gordon, co-owner of JoAnn & Co.. “We made a lot of improvements to the building and want to showcase what we offer to the community,” he followed.


Please join in on the celebration as Jessica and Austin Gordon cut the open house ribbon on September 16 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information about JoAnn & Co, call (270) 395-0022, visit their website at, or follow them on Facebook.